At BGR, collaboration between the owner and design professional is an essential component to set the standard for effective communication throughout the project. The value added at this stage cannot be underestimated. This process may consist of running preliminary budgets, multiple design concepts, and discussions with local municipalities to assure the client's goals and visions are met.

Construction Cost Estimate

In order to serve as a guide for purchasing and engaging subcontractors, all items of work are broken down into units of labor, equipment, and materials. BGR's goal is to create a cost control system that can be monitored as the project progresses. This ensures estimated costs are consistent with actual costs during the performance of the contract.


BGR is dedicated to developing and monitoring project schedules in a clear and concise manner. Schedules can be directly communicated with clients on demand. A preliminary schedule is developed during pre-construction with the owner. BGR partners with clients to ensure the most efficient distribution of resources possible at each phase of the project.

Value Engineering

BGR understands every project benefits from value analysis and value management. This is a powerful problem solving tool that reduces costs without sacrificing quality. BGR works with clients to investigate components, materials, equipment, systems, and feasibility in order to maximize value without compromising the project goals or vision.

Document Reviews

Once project documentation is received, BGR will review all drawings presented. A thorough review includes, but is not limited to, consideration of viable alternatives that may potentially reduce costs without sacrificing function or quality, proper coordination of all disciplines and trades, identifying and scheduling materials according to project schedule, reviewing code and permit issues, constructibility, and completeness of overall scope.

Quality Control

One of BGR’s core values is to be able to stand behind every project and to take pride in the standards applied to the job. This includes professionalism and performance from every BGR employee, subcontractor, and vendor involved in the project. Our standards are the essential building blocks for client satisfaction and the truest way to represent our capabilities and talents.